Web TV service

Web TV is a new service from Maxnet that makes watching TV as convenient as possible. The service is available as an Android and iOS  application (Maxnet-TV) that works on Maxnet network.

Web TV subscribers can watch more than 120 channels, which are included in the «Basic» and additional thematic TV packages. Web TV allows you to see the TV program of any connected channel and pause the broadcast if you want to return to watching later.

Now you dont`t have to share the TV remote, and no one will miss favorite show!

Features of the Web TV service:

  • the first month of use is free;
  • up to 4 devices can be connected to the service;
  • a large selection of TV channels in excellent quality;
  • convenient interface of the application;
  • viewing without delays and interference;
  • Time Shift function for deferred viewing (up to 3 hours).

To activate the service:

  1. Download «Maxnet-TV» app from Google Play / App Store or download the apk-file and launch it.
  2. Сhoose the type of device you use for viewing, and enter the access code, (it is also the number of your personal account).
  3. During the promo period (1 month), watch over 120 TV channels for free.
  4. After the test period (30 calendar days), using the service is paid. The amount of the monthly fee for the Web TV service is equal to the cost of the Basic TV package. Additional packages can be ordered additionally through the personal account, according to the price indicated below.
  5. To disable the service, the subscriber can contact us by phone 0800-31-0800, 057-720-9-720 or at the address: Kharkiv, 43B Avenue.
Basic Web TV service package
Tariff package Number of TV channels Price*, UAH/month
Basic 79 75
Additional Web TV service package
Tariff package Number of TV channels Price*, UAN/month
Advanced 12 30,00
Informative 8 30,00
Movie 8 25,00
Sport 5 25,00
HD 7 25,00
HD-VIP 6 25,00
* — VAT included

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