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SFP-ONU STICK Alistar Module

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SFP-ONU STICK Alistar Module

The high performance SFP-ONU 1.24GTX/1.24GRX-Tx1310Rx1490nm-SC-GPON ONU STICK Alistar module is an optical network terminal (ONT) designed in a typical MSA SFP form factor. The device is designed for single-mode fiber and combines the functions of a bidirectional optical receiver and GPON MAC. The module can be installed in any switch with SFP 1G port. Plug&Play technology ensures its easy connection to the device without additional settings.

GPON ONU operates at 1310 nm wavelength for data transmission and 1490 nm wavelength for data reception. When connected to a client device, it provides asymmetric connectivity at 1.244 Gbps (uplink) and 2.488 Gbps (downlink) without the need for a separate power supply.

2615 UAH