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The user terminal ONU PICOTEL PU-E710

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The user terminal ONU PICOTEL PU-E710

PICOTEL PU-E710 is the user terminal (ONU) that works with the 802.3ah standard and is compatible with OLT BDCOM. The manufacturer also declares compatibility with such OLT Huawei / ZTE / Fiberhome / Alcatel-Lucent.


The device comes in a white casing with a traditionally gray-blue logo on top. It is distinguished by its small size and will ideally fit into the interior of any room.

And the dimensions are, in fact, the following 78x78x25 mm. Weight - 100 grams.

At the top there are indicators that reflect the status of the device:
  • power
  • pon
  • los
  • lan

On the rear side of the terminal there are network interfaces - ports 1xSC / PC and 1x10 / 100/1000 Mbps base-T, a port for connecting power. On the sides and bottom there are ventilation holes for cooling the device.

The device is designed for installation both on a horizontal surface and for mounting on a wall - special mounting holes are provided for this. By the way, special rubber feet are provided for secure fixation, so it does not slide on the table.

900 UAH