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Extending Maxnet's coverage with GPON technology

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Extending Maxnet's coverage with GPON technology

Extending Maxnet's coverage with GPON technology




Dear subscribers!

Maxnet continues to expand its coverage with GPON technology. Now «Internet», «Digital TV (Web TV)» and «Telephony» services with modern technology are available at such addresses:

  • 18 Pivdenoproektna St.
  • 22 Pivdenoproektna St.
  • 28 Pivdenoproektna St.
  • 32/304 Pivdenoproektna St.
  • 1 Sohora St.
  • 3 Sohora St.
  • 9a Sohora St.
  • 6 Lokomotivna St.
  • 6 Mashinistiv St.
  • 6a Mashinistiv St.
  • 8 Mashinistiv St.
  • 8а Mashinistiv St.
  • 8b Mashinistiv St.
  • 10 Mashinistiv St.
  • 25 Dispatcher's St.
  • 308 Gagarin Ave.
  • 310 Gagarin Ave.
  • 312 Gagarin Ave.
  • 312а Gagarin Ave.
  • 314 Gagarin Ave.
  • 314а Gagarin Ave.
  • 316 Gagarin Ave.
  • 316а Gagarin Ave.

If your friends live at these addresses, you can recommend them to connect «Maxnet». According to the promotional offer, you and your friends will get bonus months using our services under the «Recommend Maxnet» loyalty program.

Loyalty program details.

As a reminder, we are continuing to build up and upgrade our existing PON coverage at other addresses as well. Therefore, we are collecting requests from residents of neighbouring buildings who are interested in receiving PON-based services.

Yours faithfully, «Maxnet» team