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1+1 Ukraine and ICTV 2 return to the airwaves

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1+1 Ukraine and ICTV 2 return to the airwaves

1+1 Ukraine and ICTV 2 return to the airwaves




Friends, we have good news for you!

After a long pause, your favourite TV channels are returning to screens with new logos and programmes.

Please note that the group will now broadcast TV channel 1+1, which is involved in the creation of a nationwide telethon “Yedyni novyny”, and TV channel “1+1 Ukraine”, which will provide entertainment content for Ukrainians in Ukraine. Along with “ICTV 2” TV channel, look for them on such frequencies in the Basic Package:

  • Frequency 59,25 “1+1 Ukraine” — instead of “CNN Live”.

The programme schedule of 1+1 Ukraine will consist of familiar to its audience television products such as “Snidanok z 1+1”, the best news bulletin TSN, as well as world cinema hits, multi-genre series and other programmes.

  • Frequency 77,25 “ICTV 2” — instead of “АТВК”.

The programme schedule of "ICTV 2" channel will consist of favourite sitcoms and entertainment shows of Ukrainians ("Khto khoche staty milionerom?", "Diesel show"), multi-genre film screenings and heroic premieres as well as information programmes.

Subscribers to the Digital TV service (DVB C) need to rescan channels.

We wish you a pleasant viewing experience!

Yours faithfully, «Maxnet» team