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MikroTik routers threaten internet security

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MikroTik routers threaten internet security

MikroTik routers threaten internet security




Dear subscribers!

Please take into account that, according to the study of the Eclypsium company, about 300,000 MikroTik routers have been found to be vulnerable to remote attacks. This means that the confidential data of the users of these devices is at risk. Moreover, in 2018 it was already revealed that Slingshot malware had begun to spread precisely through MikroTik routers. It downloaded malicious files from infected routers to connected computers using a MikroTik utility program known as Winbox.

The manufacturer of these routers has released an updated version of the firmware with patches, but most users still have not used it. The researchers also released a free tool to scan devices for vulnerability and infection (https://github.com/eclypsium/mikrotik_meris_checker).

To avoid possible hacker attacks and confidential data leakage, we recommend:

• install the latest firmware provided by the manufacturer on your devices;

• replace the default passwords;

• disable remote access.

Be careful, follow our news and take the protection of your data as seriously as possible.

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team