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Information on changes to TV packages

Information on changes to TV packages




Dear subscribers!

Unfortunately, two more TV channels have stopped broadcasting by satellite:

  • "First Business" — replaced by "6 Sotok", which focuses on countryside, country houses, etc.
  • "Malyatko TV" temporarily stopped broadcasting, and will be switched on when the signal is restored. While the issue of its broadcasting is being resolved, a new TV channel for women, "Continent E", has been added for testing. It offers programmes and entertaining shows about family and children, home, fashion and beauty, health, interesting life stories and Lifestyle.

But we continue to fill our network with new interesting channels. So, two new TV channels have been added to the Digital Basic package:

  • "ONE Planet" — an informative channel about science, technology, history, environment, culture. Watch and learn stories of great scientists and inventions, interesting information about the technology of the present and future, amazing travels and discoveries.
  • "Kinoliving" — a TV channel for true connoisseurs of serials and films. It was created for those who prefer a unique storyline and great acting.

Due to these changes, users of the Digital Basic package need to rescan channels.

We wish you a pleasant viewing experience and continue to keep you updated!

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team