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New set-top box for IPTV

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New set-top box for IPTV

New set-top box for IPTV




New set-top box for IPTV

Dear Kharkovites!

Check out the new equipment for using our services!

Now you can use the multifunctional Android set-top box X10 PRO to watch Web TV and IPTV. It has 4 GB RAM, 4K maximum resolution and a high performance processor.

Using X10 PRO you can turn your TV into a multimedia station. Watch videos on Youtube, use the browser to find interesting content, install applications and communicate on social networks. All of this you can do using this small fancy box!

Media player specifications can be found here.

To connect digital TV and order a STB, call 0800-31-0800 or text us in the chat!

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team