Digital TV (DVB-C)

Main package for the «Television» service
Tariff package Number of TV programs Cost with VAT
Basic 79 125,00 UAH/month.
Connection – 50 UAH
Additional packaging for the «Television» service
Tariff package Number of TV programs Cost with VAT
Advanced 12 30,00 UAH/month.
Informative 13 30,00 UAH/month.
Movie Hit 8 25,00 UAH/month.
Sport 8 25,00 UAH/month.
HD 10 25,00 UAH/month.
HD-VIP 7 25,00 UAH/month.
Adult* 3 20,00 UAH/month.

*Terms of use:
1. For persons with the age over 18;
2. The «Parental Control» period on TV from 22:00 to 04:00;
3. Connecting the package «Adult», the subscriber agrees to comply with the above conditions.

Viewing of channels in a digital format DVB-C is possible in the presence of the additional equipment.
Additional services
Type of service Price, UAH. VAT included
Connecting the 1st point
Connection of a subscriber to the service of analog TV (call for expert for delivery of materials and documentation, the connection of subscriber’s tap to the telecommunications network with the cable and its attachment clips to 4 pieces at 1 m; registration number. Additional service work is paid separately in accordance with the current price list).
Connection the next one, one-time 30,00
Non-standard laying of a subscriber cable by the hidden way / under false ceilings or other. 1m. 10,00
Repeated connection, after debt repayment 10,00
Departure of the master to reconfigure the hardware (repeated setting of TV programs, individual infusion of TV programs, or others) 60,00

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