Digital TV (DVB-C). About service

DVB-C – is a standard of digital television broadcasting, which is produced by cable. In the base of standards DVB-C is a coding standard of moving images and audio MPEG-2.

The advantages of DVB-C standard

High picture quality

Forget about problems with the image. The digital signal has only one quality – good quality. The viewer will not see “snow” screen, ripples, double vision, etc. as it often happens with bad analog signal. The digital signal is received only in the high quality or it is not at all.

More channels

The main advantage of digital television is the number, variety and thematic channels, which today subscribers have no in analog TV. Sports, musical, educational, children’s and entertainment channels – even the most tempted viewers must choose for themselves what exactly corresponds to their interests and mood.

Excellent sound

As the subscriber of digital TV network, you can watch channels with stereo sound, and in some cases, with Dolby Digital, which means higher quality sound. Audio and video in digital television is transmitted without distortion. If you have a stereo or a “home theater”, when watching digital TV channels with the help of modern television receivers and “home theaters”, you can enjoy the benefits of new technologies.

Parental control

If you have small children, you can restrict viewing of “undesirable” (in your opinion) channels by children with the help of the “parental control” with a special password.

How to watch DVB-C

Almost all modern TVs support standard DVB-C. The TV has a slot CI / PCMCIA for connection CAM module (a device that supports a particular encoding, depending on the equipment which is installed at the operator),where this module with the card access is inserted. CAM module is purchased from an operator to whom you want to connect.

If your TV does not support DVB-C, you will need to purchase a tuner that supports DVB-C. Today the companies, which produce digital technology, provide a wide selection of tuners. There are hybrid tuners, with support for both analog signal and the DVB-C signal.

Connecting to the new service is available with the already carried out TV cable in flat. For connection you must purchase a digital tuner and choose one of the packages of TV channels. Connection takes 10-15 minutes. Subscriber can do it himself.

In all projects of digital TV there is the possibility to watch television programs – paper program is simply not needed, as well as access to the network: all shows in real time.