Video surveillance or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an important component of integrated security systems. CCTV includes the installation of cameras, recording, broadcast and video storage.
Maxnet offers the «turnkey» installation of local and cloud CCTV. Subscribers can watch their home or officce from anywhere, view and upload an archive of videos. Licensed software allows to set alarm zones and lines, report on the invasion and recognize the faces of guests. Video from our server can be viewed through an application installed on a computer with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) or via application for Android or iOS mobile platforms.

  1. Local CCTV using the DVR. It is the classical scheme of the system organization, which is gradually being supplanted by cloud technologies. In local systems the data is stored on a HDD installed in a special DVR device. If the hard drive crashes, all the data can be lost. Also, the system is vulnerable in case of intrusion into the room where the recorder is installed. Data may be destroyed intentionally.
  2. Cloud CCTV. It is secure and reliable video storage option based on Maxnet servers. Subscribers can access camera recordings at any time, smart search speeds up reaction to events. This solution allows you to avoid data loss in case of hard drive crash and the intervention of third parties in the video system operation. For a system with cloud storage, PoE switches need to be used.

Cloud CCTV tariffs


Tariff package Number of archive
storage days
Smart search Unlimited phone / computer
Cost including VAT
«Lite» 1 day


«Standart» 3 days


«Comfort» 7 days


«Pro» 15 days


«Premium» 30 days


1. The subscription fee is charged for receiving, processing the stream and storing records from 1 camera.
2. The cost of connecting to the service depends on the required materials and cable length. Our specialists can specify it only after inspection.
3. The amount of the equipment depends on the selected configuration, the required number and type of cameras.
4. Preliminary commercial offer (CO) is provided after consultation. After the inspection of the object, a client receives the final CO.

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