Special Offer «Summer with Maxnet» for New Subscribers


This summer will be full of promotions and discounts! Connect «SuperHit» or «SuperHit +» and get a discount for the next 3 months!

Tariff plan «SuperHit» includes Internet 100 Mbps.
Tariff plan «SuperHit +» includes 100 Mbps Internet and the «Basic» TV channel package using ACTV / DVB-C / IPTV technology (depending on the subscriber wishes and technical capability).

The promotion period is from 03.06 till 31.08.


Tariff Package Internet


Promotional price

(including VAT)

Full price

(including VAT)



up to, Mbps

no 99  UAH/month 160  UAH/month
«SuperHit +»


up to, Mbps

109  UAH/month 195 UAH/month


You can leave a request by calling 0800-31-0800 / (057) 720-9-720 or online.

Read more about the special offer in the Regulations:

«Summer with Maxnet» Regulations
Promotion period: 3.06.2019 — 31.08.2019
03.06.2019 / PDF

Your faithfully, Maxnet team