Patch Cord LAN Cable UTP Cat 5E 1-20 m

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A patch cord is a network cable tooled with RJ-45 connectors designed to connect network devices and computers to a local area network. Connection place is fixed by a special protective cap. In this way, the patch cord is protected from kinks and mechanical damage. Our patch cords can be used to connect up to 1 Gbps.

Producer Maxnet
Producer Country Ukraine
Cable type UTP
Category 5e
Conductor copper
Number of pairs 4
Maximum speed up to 1000 Mbps
Shell PVC
Color white
State new
Length: from 1 m

Why us?

Maxnet has 17 years of networking experience. We make patch cords on our own from a cable produced by a proven supplier — Odeskabel plant. We use this cable when connecting subscribers and guarantee its high quality.
We can also make patch cords of the required length on request.

Delivery and payment

You can get your order at Kharkiv, 43B Nauky Ave (our office).
Delivery to other cities of Ukraine is possible. Delivery is via Nova Poshta (prepayment). For a more detailed consultation fill out the form.

Name Цена
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 1 m 20,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 2 m 30,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 3 m 40,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 5 m 60,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 10 m 85,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 15 m 110,00 UAH
Patch Cord LAN UTP Cat 5E 20 m 165,00 UAH
Lenth on request up to 3 m — 20,00 UAH/m
more than 3 m -14,00 UAH/m