Our partners

ROMSAT – is the Ukrainian company which since 1994 traditionally specializes on complex supplies of equipment of systems of television and telecommunications. Relying on experience of group of highly qualified specialists and an extensive dealer network, POMCAT proposes the advanced technological solutions and the equipment from leaders of the branch, providing service and technical support.


Cisco – is the world leader in the field of the network technologies changing ways of human communication, connection and collaboration. Activity of the company is concentrated on five main technological directions: main routing, switching and services; decisions for collaboration; virtualization of data-processing centers and cloud computing; video technologies; architecture for business transformation.


For more than eight decades the WISI Company is the pioneer in the world of development and distribution of technologies. During this time, as the supplier of technologies and the equipment in area of air-cable television and mobile communications, it learned not only to keep the leading role in technological development, but also constantly to introduce the latest developments in the products.


Founded in 1986 in Shinchu Park (Taiwan), the D-Link Company is the world famous developer and the producer of the network and telecommunication equipment and offers a wide set of decisions for home users, a corporate segment and providers of Internet services.


The international main network RETN renders data transmission and IP traffic services between the largest telecommunication centers of the world and Ukraine.


The «Evrotranstelekom» Limited Company (ETT) was created in 2001 at the initiative of the Ministry of transport of Ukraine with the assistance of Fund of the State property of Ukraine and a number of foreign and Ukrainian investors. The purpose of ETT creation was construction of fiber-optical lines along the railroads of Ukraine for ensuring requirement of railway transport of Ukraine in modern means of communication for its technological requirements and also for providing telecommunication services under own trademark.


Ukrainian Network of the Internet traffic exchange (UA-IX). The purpose of UA-IX creation is ensuring the maximum connectivity of networks of the Ukrainian providers and the organization of an effective exchange of traffic between them on the shortest routes, without exit in foreign networks. Now UA-IX unites more than 100 Participants among whom there is a lot of from regions of Ukraine.


DTEL-IX is the autonomous, independent commercial project founded by «Digital Telecom IX» Ltd. company, aimed at providing flexible peer-to-peer service for international and Ukrainian operators.


DataIX is the uniform international peer-to-peer project uniting own points of traffic exchange, located in the territory of Russia, the countries of Eastern and Western Europe. The main idea of the project is creation of territorially distributed P2P network on traffic exchange between operators (ISP) and content generators.


RIPE NCC is one of five regional Internet registrars (Regional Internet Registries, RIRs), carrying out distribution of Internet resources, and also connected with it registration and coordination of activity directed on global support of functioning of the Internet.


Hostmaster is the Ukrainian enterprise which provides services in administration and technical maintenance of the .ua domain and public domains in it.


Giganet — is a Ukrainian traffic exchange network. The purpose of the Giganet is ensuring maximum connectivity of Ukrainian providers’ networks and the organization of effective traffic exchange among them using the shortest routes, without going to foreign networks.


Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce is a public organization, which seeks to develop the country’s economy by promoting business. Thus, the Chamber carries out the strategic role of mediator between the government and entrepreneurs.