VLC viewing on the computer

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology — digital interactive television in nets of transferring data using IP protocol. It is anew TV generation. To watch IPTV on PC you can use a media player (VLC media player) which can be the servers for audiovideo streams in the net. Delivering of the content to user`s equipment is made over operator’s IP-net.

VLC media player
VLC media player — it is a free media player. To play the multimedia file you do not need to set any extra codec up, they are already set in a program up. VLC produces stream video (IPTV) and Internet radio perfectly. Also, the program can record a stream audio/video on your computer. That is why, this program will be perfect for watching TV programs on your computer. This program works with the most modern operative systems.

Official site of a program: http://www.videolan.org
Playlists with channels list: in m3u file format
Instruction for VLC media player

1. Go to the official VLC media player website, select your OS type and download the installation file.


1.1 To launch the installation file, find it in the list of downloaded files and press the Enter key or double-click on the file.
1.2 After launch, a welcome screen appears. Click «Next» here.


1.3 To start installing the application, you need to agree to the license agreement. For this, click «Next».


1.4 Next you need to select the program components to be installed. Select the appropriate set of components and click «Next».


1.5 The last step is to select the installation folder. Select the path to install the program and click «Install».


1.6 After the installation is complete, click «Finish». Now you can begin to customize the program.


2. To customize, you can add a playlist as a separate file or add a link to the playlist in the corresponding menu item.

2.1. To add a playlist as a file, you need to download a file with a list of channels in m3u format and save it to your computer. To download click on the link «m3u format».

2.2 Next you need to open this file. Choose “Open file” in the “Media” option or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. Find the file with the playlist and click «Open».


2.2. To add a link to the playlist, you must copy the link. This can be done by right-clicking on the link «m3u format» and selecting “Copy link address”. In the player, select “Settings” in the “Tools” item. Then select “All” in the lower left corner, after that you`ll see all settings. Click on “Playlist” and paste the address into the “Default Stream” line.


2.3 Select the desired channel in the playlist and click the Play button.

Everything is ready, enjoy watching!

Instructions for installing and launching MaxNet IPTV player:
1. Download MaxNetIPTV program on the link download.
2. Then you should install downloaded distribution MaxNet_IPTV_Player-setup.exe on your PC. Follow the instruction on the installation of the player. Maxnet IPTV shortcut should appear on the desktop, then run the program, clicking twice on the Maxnet IPTV shortcut.
3. When running the player first time, a window with the provider name should appear » Maxnet IPTV «, press «ОК» — channel list will run itself in the player, and channels settings (Playlist address for the channel list, address of the server program guide, and other config.).
4. To change player settings for the channels on your own, click the icon ` Screwdriver and wrench, tick «Show all settings» in the menu.
5. If there are errors in the work of player, try to reinstall the player, choosing «Modules VideoLAN VLC» during installation.