Digital TV (IPTV). About service

IP-TV technology is a digital multi-program interactive television in IP-based network with the help of a packet transmission of the video data through IP-based (Video over IP). Unlike the traditional forms of digital television (broadcast, cable and satellite) IPTV – is a fully interactive service that operates within the framework of multi-service networks. In fact, IPTV technology has no limits on the number of channels and quality of broadcasting content.

IPTV subscriber receives from the operator a package of services, the major difference from the services which are provided by the classical cable TV, is interactive, it means the possibility for a subscriber to select and quickly change the services which he chose, and at any time order an additional service.

Using our IPTV service, you can watch:

  • Weather — always fresh reports on the day.
  • Company news — the latest news, new actions, and changes in rates.
  • Announcements — a brief description of what will happen in the new movie or TV show.
  • Personal information — your IP and MAC, the account balance, account number.
  • Currency Converter — the most recent information about currency.

The advantage of television IPTV

  • Picture and sound are usually better, up to HD and 5.1-channel audio.
  • Interactivity (ability to see, for example, an information about the film).
  • Service capabilities — timeshift.
  • IPTV subscribers have a lot of rights to manage access — can block the channel group or a particular type of broadcasting.
  • To get more information without leaving the TV screen.

Our services will be constantly added in order you can enjoy to the full service, IPTV.

How to watch IPTV

To watch video there is a special TV-box to the TV is used, or IPTV in modern terminology is Set top Box (STB), which on the one hand is connected to the operator (broadcasting), and on the other — is connected to the TV. Subscriber device STB decodes the video data and outputs the decoded video to the TV screen.

It is important that when IPTV box works, you do not need to wait for complete downloading of data files to watch them. Data transmission is a perennial stream and it begins to play as received and processed on the STB equipment. It’s very convenient, the user does not expect and does not waste his time waiting for the request and gets a nice view of quality television, enjoying it.

Additional services IPTV television — the near future!

When IPTV-box is connected to your TV — it has some advantages and value added services using television. The service «TV on demand» — is one of the many additional services of IPTV television when you can watch not only TV shows that are broadcasting now, at that moment, but can become a time-traveler, having the ability to watch TV shows, which were forty-eight hours back. Is it not magic? Yes, it’s the magic of modern digital IP television and the ability to watch IPTV when and how you want it. Also, when the STB or STB IPTV is connected, you can use the function «Favorites» — the ability to set your marks to your favorite channels, in order to further speed access to television and other content. It also includes a number of other additional services that you get when you have an IPTV STB box. That is why, iptv STB box is very unique and important.

This is a convenient technology which allows you to watch video on your request on the TV screen. It is also the possibility to make a «pause in live broadcast», which allows you to watch your favorite TV show at a convenient time for you.

It is possibility to install a specific censorship on some programs packages for adults. IPTV television — it is also possibility to have an electronic reference of television shows.