Internet. Equipment

Service name The price, UAH with the VAT
Patch cord cable LAN UTP Cat 5E 1-20 m from 20,00
Network interface card 10/100 BaseT 150,00
Network interface card TP-LINK-3269 (1 Gbit/s) 270,00
Network interface card D-Link DGE530T (1 Gbit/s) 350,00
Network interface card TP-LINK-3468 (1 Gbit/s) 360,00
Wi-Fi Router Keenetic Lite* 950,00
Wi-Fi router TOTOLINK N300RT* 450,00
Wi-Fi router MikroTik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN* 3850,00
Wi-Fi router MikroTik hAP ac* 4100,00
Wi-Fi router Totolink A3002 RU* 1350,00

* if the equipment is available at the moment.