The special offer «Internet + WEB TV from 180 UAH/month» for residents of the private sector continues!
Special offer «Internet + WebTV for 99 UAH/month» continues for new subscribers!
Special offer «Double Benefit» in multistory buildings
Special offer for the private sector «Double Benefit»
Happy Radio, Television and Communication Day!
Modernized the network Liptsy settlement
Even more possibilities with Maxnet!
Happy upcoming Defender of Ukraine Day!
Inext TV5 media player is available now
Social networks Facebook, Instagram and Whats App messenger crashed!
Company’s forum
Note that the settlement account of «Maxnet» LLC in PrivatBank is closed
Provider «Teneta» becomes a part of the company LLC «Maxnet»
Optimization of the LiqPay payment system
New chatbot in Telegram
Maxnet continues to present gifts to private sector residents!