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Landline number

Turnkey implementation of telephony systems

High quality signal and safety

Calls from phone, smartphone and PC

City telephone number

A traditional landline number that connects using SIP technology, but with a signal converter (VOIP gateway). It will be useful for those who have a telephone cable wiring and there is no way to replace a large number of analog phones.

Service features:

  • suspension of the service for the period of vacation or trip;
  • the ability to select a number to connect;
  • free calls to Maxnet numbers;
  • the possibility of creating a conference call;
  • possibility of call forwarding;
  • call identification. Identification of the number of received and missed calls (provided that the device supports the function)

Service benefits

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection

Easy to connect

it is quick and easy to connect to the service, no special equipment is required


it is profitable to make calls to landline numbers and abroad


uninterrupted operation and constant availability of resources

Call statistics

information about the calls made for the selected period

Additional services

you can suspend the service for a period of vacation or trip

Easy account replenishment

control and replenishment of the account through your personal account

Tariff plans

Choose a tariff, leave a request, and we will do the rest for You!

Additional services

Selecting a phone number

Call forwarding

Notification of an incoming call while talking

Replacing a phone number

Reinstallation phone to another address (In the same building / To another building )

90,00 UAH / 120,00 UAH

How to connect?

Choose a tariff, leave a request, and we will do the rest for You!


Leave a request online or contact the manager

Manager call

We will clarify the details and set a connection time

Contract execution

The manager will prepare all the necessary documents


Our specialist will establish a connection and set up the work


Support of ready projects, training and consultations

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What is a «City phone number»?

A multichannel landline number is a convenient way to demonstrate your company's presence in the city. You can choose one number (if you work locally), or several numbers tied to different cities. Due to multi-channel, several customers can call your number at the same time. What's more, multiple employees can also call different customers at the same time through the same number.

You can connect an unlimited number of numbers for your business tasks, including numbers of one city.



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