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Subscribe Maxnet and get 4 month with 25% off!

We have special offer for subscribers of our popular tariffs for  «Internet» or «Internet + TV» services! This winter, new subscribers in apartment buildings receive a discount on tariffs for a month of connection and 3 next months.

Duration — 01/12/2020 — 31/01/2021.

  • Connection price — 50 UAH/point + cable inside the apartment.
  • Cable from our equipment to your apartment costs 1 UAH!
  • Connection setting up  costs 1 UAH!


Tariffs participating in the special offer:


Tariff Package Internet up to, Mbps


Promotional Price (VAT included),

UAH / month

«Lider 100»


no 175




70 channels 265


«Turbo 300»


no 205




70 channels 295


«Lux 1G»


no 270




70 channels 360


ACTV, DVB-C and IPTV technologies are available for connecting the Internet + TV service under this promotion.

«Turn ON the Opportunities» Regulations 01.12.2020 / PDF

МАКСНЕТ-News -Gepon-2020
From 1 to 31 January 2021 by connecting Internet service from Maxnet, subscribers living in private houses receive:

  1. Connection with a fixed cost of UAH 399.
  2. A Gift of your choice:
  • Router for free use
  • 3 months of using the services.

An ONU for using the services is provided to the subscriber for the time of use.

«Turn ON the Opportunities» Regulations for Private houses 29.09.2020 / PDF


Check out Web TV technology of TV broadcasting and take part in the Maxnet special offer!

 New and current subscribers of the “Internet”, “Internet + TV” or “GEPON” services from 03/02/2020 to 31/01/2021 can connect Web TV by downloading the Maxnet TV application and receive free first month of using and the next three months discounted!

 Web TV from Maxnet is a convenient service that allows you to watch television on four screens at the same time and pause the broadcasts whenever you want. More than 120 channels are available, which are included in the Basic and additional thematic TV packages.

  • 1st month is free
  • 2nd-4th months are for 50 UAH/month

 The service is available for devices on Android and iOS.

Read more about the Web TV service.

Leave a request on our website or call: (057) 720-9-720, 0800-31-0800.

«TV as a Gift» Regulations 31.01.2020 / PDF