Special offer for new subscribers «TV as a gift»


Dear Kharkovites!
Do not miss the opportunity to connect the Internet and get a bonus from «Maxnet»!

Connect the «Internet», «Internet + TV» or «GEPON» service from 01.05 to 30.06 and receive 130 Web TV channels as a gift till the end of the year! Using this offer you can save more than 200 UAH per month on TV.

Maxnet’s Web TV is a convenient service that allows you to watch television from 4 different devices at the same time and pause broadcasts. The service is available for Android and iOS devices.

More information about the Web TV service.

Leave a request on the website or call: (057) 720-9-720, 0800-31-0800.

«TV as a gift» Regulations
Validity from 1.05.2019 till 30.06.2019
01.05.2019 / PDF

Your faithfully, Maxnet team