Tariff changes for the private sector

Dear subscribers!

From March 1, 2019, IPTV service is unavailable for the private sector. After that existing subscribers can continue to watch TV by connecting the new service «Internet + Web TV» from «Maxnet».

The current tariffs for the GEPON service is available here.

To activate the Internet + Web TV service, contact the service information center by phone 0800310800, 0577209720 or in any other convenient way.

Web TV service is available as an Android app. As part of the «Internet + Web TV» service, subscribers in the private sector will have access the Basic TV package. Our new service allows you to connect up to four devices at the same time, pause broadcasting, create a list of favorite TV channels.

Kharkovites who subscribe to special offer “Half Price for Half Year” from January 24, to March 31, will have an opportunity to watch the Basic package for free until the end of the promotional period. Transition to the current tariffs will be executed automatically at the end of the promotional period for each subscriber.

Your faithfully, Maxnet team