Running a Facebook contest for Maxnet subscribers

конкурс фейсбук-en

Dear subscribers!

We announce the start of the contest on our official Facebook page. Win an Android OzoneHD 4K Pro set-top box, branded gifts and 9 months of free services.

Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Like Maxnet page.
  2. Like and share competitive post (make it visible to everyone).
  3. Write in the comments what do you usually wish to relatives and friends in the New Year.

Also join the contest on our Instagram,to win the router KEENETIC Lite.

Fulfill conditions until 12:00, 4 January.

On January 4 at 6:30 PM, using we will find out the winner online.
* Legal entities and fake pages do not participate in the competition.
** Winning 1 month of free services implies the provision of Internet and TV services for 1 UAH.

Read official contest rules here.

Good luck!

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team