Top-20 TV channels according to the Kharkovites


The most popular TV channels in the first half of 2018

Maxnet subscribers can watch more than 150 TV channels, but usually they choose only a few favorite ones. Our specialists regularly analyze the TV viewing data in order to know about subscriber preferences and to add interesting channels to TV packages. We call your attention to statistics for the first half of 2018.

The rating is based on the ratio of the number of viewers of a certain channel to the number of views of all TV channels for the selected period. We took into account the data on the views of the subscribers of digital television IPTV.

TOP-20 TV Channels for first half of 2018


The rating includes all the TV channels that Maxnet rebroadcasts: 73 in the «Basic» TV package and 80 available in additional packages.

Our subscribers traditionally chose national TV channels in the first half of 2018. In the top five again we see «1+1″, «STB», ICTV, «New Channel» and «Ukraine». These channels are included in the package «Basic» and broadcast entertainment and information programs, alternating with the leaders of the world cinema distribution.

The first position is taken by the national television channel «1+1″ as in 2017. «Breakfast with 1+1″, «The world inside out», «TSN» «Evening Kiev» shows gather in front of the screen the spectators of all ages.

The national channel «STB» moved from the fourth position to the second. It attracts viewers with entertainment and information content. One of the most popular shows on the channel are «Bachelor», «MasterShef» and «Battle of psychics».

The third place is held by the «ICTV» channel for the second year. He almost caught up with «STB», he did not have only 0.06%. Broadcasts on the TV channel is a combination of news blocks, entertainment programs, political programs, foreign and Ukrainian TV series and films.

«New channel» fell two lines, compared with 2017, and took the fourth place in our rating. This is the territory of youth projects, films, shows about the world of fashion and music.

The «Ukraine» channel was fixed on the fifth line. It broadcasts football matches, serials and news programs.

The list of popular TV channels included not only nationwide, but also thematic ones. Four channels for children, three of the categories «Sport» and «Movies» were included in the list this year.

Dynamics popularity


The «1+1″ channel did not concede to competitors, and it was confidently leading for all six months. Permutations periodically occurred on the remaining positions, but in general the picture remained unchanged.

TOP-3 in the category «Movies»


There is a rotation in the top three movie channels. Instead of Ener Film, the Bolt channel joined the leaders. The most popular in the first half of the year was TV1000 Action (3.35%), Bolt (3.34%) fell behind only a hundredth of it. TV1000 East (3.19%) closes the top three.

TOP-3 in the category «Children`s»


Children’s channels do not lag behind thosefocusing on a different age group. Our TOP-20 rating includes 4 children’s channels: PLUSPLUS (2.03%), Nickelodeon (1.58%), TiJi (1.47%) and Pixel TV (1.4%).

TOP-3 in the category «Sports»


The top three of the sports channels remained unchanged: «Football 1″ (2.45%), «Football 2″ (1.96%) and Eurosport (1.35%). «Maxnet» subscribers actively watch sports channels. It is evident from their constant presence in the ratings.

TOP-3 in the category «Informative»


The Discovery Channel (Ukraine) (1.03%), Animal Planet (0.65%), DocuBox HD (0.31%) entered the top three. The first two channels are relayed in the «Basic» package, and DocuBox is available in «Informative».

TOP-3 in the category «Musical»


M1 (0.76%) returned to the first place in our rating of music channels. Last year, he failed to displace MusicBox. Second-best is M2 (0.75%), on the third place — EU music (0.69%).

TOP-3 in the category «Regional»


Regional channels are also popular, slightly inferior to thematic. In the first half of the year, viewers watched next Kharkov channels: A / TVK (1.20%), Channel 7 (0.99%), Simon (0.80%).


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