TV channels announcements for August

Sony Pictures Television pleases fans of ageless classics, popular television series and European cinema in the last month of summer. Watch the hot novelties and good old movies, August promises to be exciting!

SONY CHANNEL («Movie-Hit» digital TV package )


«Entire Canibles» (season 1)
Date: in August
Time: weekdays at 3:50 PM

Young Ariana moved to the neighborhood of Buenos Aires 20 years ago. Full power over the city belonged to a rich family. Girl and her friend became victims of rape, and the criminals were members of the local elite.

Years later, Ariana recognized the presidential candidate. It is one of that rapists. She enters into a pre-election game to destroy the life of a hated politician. However main character has a skeleton in the cupboard, she can`t risk everything.

Age limit: 16+


«Carissima Me»
Date: August 3
Time: 9:50 PM
Genre: melodrama, comedy
Year: 2010

French romantic comedy tells about a beautiful and successful woman Margot Flor. She has already built a successful career, which others can only dream about. Promotion requires sacrifice, so she doesn`t have time for herself and her lover. On her birthday Margo receives an unusual letter from seven-year-old herself. It reminds the adult heroine of who she wanted to become and what to achieve when she was a child.

Age limit: 16+


«Red dog»
Date: August 19
Time: 8:00 PM
Genre: drama, family movie
Year: 2011

The casual visitor enters the bar in the mining town and sees how several men try unsuccessfully to put to sleep the dying dog. None of them can decide on this act, because every citizen is proud of Red Dog and considers him a loyal friend. People tell stories about the heroic deeds of the dog, about how the dog helped them to meet love and taught wisdom lessons. They say that after the loss of the owner, Red Dog went to his search. And only bypassing the continent, he returned to his native city, leaving in the hearts of millions of people a good memory of himself.

Age limit: 16+

SONY SCI-FI («Basic» TV package)


«Z-nation» (season 1-3)
Date: since August 20
Time: weekdays at 9:00 PM

This dynamic horror series tells about the mankind struggle with the threat of death from the total zombie apocalypse.

It’s been three years since the zombie virus spread across America. The group of heroes faces the difficult task of preserving the human race. They need to deliver the only survivor after contact with the virus from New York to California. There is a single laboratory that is able to reproduce the man’s blood in order to create a vaccine. Can the heroes go 3,000 miles through post-apocalyptic America, facing every step with aggressive zombies?

Age limit: 16+


«The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″
Date: August 4
Time: 9:30 PM
Genre: fantasy, drama, adventure
Year: 2014

Katniss escape gives hope to the inhabitants of Panem. She becomes a symbol of insurrection. The Capitol directed all efforts to find and eliminate a brave girl. Katniss is facing a difficult and dangerous task: to be the hope and support of the rebels, despite the fact that her own inner world lies in ruins.

Age limit: 16+

the gift

«El mal ajeno»
Date: August 18
Time: 9:55 PM
Genre: drama, thriller
Year: 2010

Diego Sans treated severely ill patients and developed a calm attitude towards death. Everything changed after the groom of one of his patients shot him and himself. It was supposed to take the lives of both men. Miraculously, the doctor stays alive and receives a unique healing ability. Soon, the main character finds out that he will have to pay a high price for an invaluable gift.
Age limit: 16+

SONY TURBO («Movie-Hit» digital TV package )


«Lost room» (1 season)
Date: since August 13
Time: weekdays at 12:50 PM

During the investigation of a mysterious murder in an antique shop, detective Joe Miller interrogates one of the witnesses of the crime. Suddenly, he mysteriously disappears from the police station. Recording video cameras don`t help, but the search for a fugitive does not last long. He comes home to the detective covered in blood and, dying, gives him a key that can open any door…

Soon the new owner of the mysterious artifact begins a black streak: his daughter disappears, his friend is killed, and Joe himself is accused of murder and kidnapping. To return her daughter, the former detective is ready to do anything — even if he needs to sacrifice his mind.

Age limit: 16+


«Layer Cake»
Date: August 13
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: crime drama
Year: 2004

The protagonist is a drug dealer who deserves a place of honor in the English mafia. He’s going to retire. At last, he decides to help an old friend find the missing daughter of a big businessman. He doesn`t know yet how much crime lies behind this disappearance. At this time, the sale of stolen drugs turns into a series of high-profile murders…

Age limit: 16+

Donnie Brasco (1996)Directed by Mike NewellShown: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp

«Donnie Brasco»
Date: August 27
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: drama
Year: 1997

The film takes place in New York in the late 70′s. FBI agent Joe Pistone gets a new task: to infiltrate one of Brooklyn’s criminal gangs to get information about the activities of gangster gangs. He needs to forget his real name, break with friends and family. Since now he is Donnie Brasco.

His best friend is an aging mafiosi, who needs a young partner. He believes Donnie and trusts him with the most responsible affairs. Feeling his impunity, Donnie understands: his new life, which gives unlimited freedom, drags out. But it’s not too late to go back. It is only necessary to betray the one who has become for him a true friend…

Age limit: 16+

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team