SONY TV channels announcements for July

If your vacation has already passed, don`t expect that the rest of the summer is going to be boring. Sony TV channels continue to remind viewers the forgotten masterpieces of cinematography and show interesting fresh films and serials.


SONY CHANNEL («Movie-Hit» digital TV package)


«Velvet» (season 1,2)
Date: in July
Time: weekdays at 5:00 PM

It is a moving love story of a young seamstress and heir to an elite fashion house. Even after 15 years of separation people will obstruct their relationship. Instead of his parents, a persistent girl will do it. Let’s see if greed, meanness and hypocrisy can defeat the real feeling.

Age limit: 16+


«The Turkish gambit»

Date: July 12
Time: 8:15 PM
Genre: military detective, action movie, adventure movie
Year: 2005

The picture is based on the novel by Boris Akunin. The plot occurs during the Russo-Turkish war. The film tells about a young girl named Varvara. She goes to the headquarters to the groom, who is accused of espionage. Also the titular adviser Erast Fandorin is sent to the headquarters. Heroes are waited by adventure and mysterious investigation.

Age limit: 16+

eat pray love

«Eat Pray Love»

Date: July 28
Time: 8:15 PM
Genre: drama
Year: 2010

The main character of the film Elizabeth Gilbert is a successful woman with her own house, career and loving husband. Once she realizes that nothing in her life brings her happiness. Then she decides to break ties with the past and radically change her life. Elizabeth travels to Europe and Asia to find herself. Will she succeed in realizing the plan?

Age limit: 16+

SONY SCI-FI («Basic» TV package)


«Librarians» (season 1,2)
Date: since July 19
Time: weekdays at 10:30 AM

The adventure series echoes with the «Librarians» franchise. This story is about a group of young librarians, who will have a fascinating journey, where they must save the ancient artifacts. Flynn Karsen, known as Librarian, personally chose a team to fight supernatural threats and return ancient relics to the library.

Age limit: 16+


«Merlin» (season 1-5)

Date: since July 26
Time: weekdays at 10:30 AM

The young wizard Merlin arrives in Camelot, where witchcraft has been strictly forbidden for 20 years. King Uther permanently expelled magicians and wizards from the kingdom and he is still afraid of their return.

Merlin is predicted to guard the future King Arthur, but he will have a hard way to establish contact with the wayward royal son. In this difficult matter Merlin will be assisted by the court physician and the ancient dragon.

Age limit: 16+


«Closed Circuit»

Date: July 7
Time: 10:05 PM
Genre: thriller, crime drama
Year: 2013

Events take place half a year after the most loud and mass murder in the history of the country — the terrorist attack in London. The lawyer of the main suspect dies under mysterious circumstances. the defense is entrusted to Martin Rose and Claudia Simmons-Howe. Heroes learn more than necessary about the investigation, and British intelligence agencies begin to monitor them. Will they be able to protect not only the client, but also themselves?

Age limit: 16+

SONY TURBO («Movie-Hit» digital TV package)

top gear

«Top Gear» (21-22 season)
Date: in July
Time: weekdays at 5:30 PM

Watch the cult British show for car fans. More test drives and crash tests, crazy races and fresh new products from leading manufacturers. Three show host push the boundaries of the modern idea of ​cars, test novelties, like electric cars and flying houses on wheels. The stars of show business will help them.

Age limit: 16+


«Xelix» (2 season) — premiere!
Date: since July 24
Time: weekdays at 1:05 PM

New strains of deadly viruses are being developed on the remote base in Antarctica. They can change the infected beyond recognition. One of the expedition members becomes a victim of the disease, and now all are in danger. The heroes of the series are trapped in their own development, each of the scientists will have to play a complicated game for survival.

In the second season, the team will investigate the deaths caused by an outbreak of an unknown disease on a cruise liner. The entangled affair leads the heroes to the isolated island of Saint-Germain, which is populated by mysterious members of religious cults.

Age limit: 16+


«First Knight»
Date: July 26
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: historical thriller
Year: 1995

Lancelot — the first knight of Camelot, he is ready to give his life for the great King Arthur. Once he rescues from abduction the beautiful King`s bride Guinevere. There is something more than friendship between the knight and the lady, but both are opposed to the feeling. Dark times are coming to the kingdom, any wrong move can be deadly.

Age limit: 16+

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team