SONY TV channels announcements for June

Get ready for new series of favorite TV shows, hot premieres and old good films. You will enjoy the twists and turns of your favorite characters fate and completely new stories in June.


SONY CHANNEL («Movie-Hit» digital TV package )


«Evil Angel» (season 1)
Date: in June
Time: weekdays at 12:00 AM

Women revenge can be really cruel. The main character of the series Santa Martinez lost her husband. She blame the Kano family for his death. Retribution awaits all who are involved in the murder.
Everything changes when Santa starts falling in love with one of the members of the hated family. The new girl’s choice suffers from a serious mental disorder that makes their relationship unusual .

Age limit: 16+



«Short happy life course»
Date: from June 18
Time: 8:15 PM

The show is the part of the marathon «The Time of Russian TV series». The series tells about the everyday life of the recruitment agency staff. Each of the four heroines is an unusual girl with her own problems and aspirations. Will they be able to find simple female happiness?

Age limit: 16+



«The little prince»
Date: June 1
Time: 4:35 PM
Genre: fantasy, cartoon
Year: 2015

Strict education makes a person organized, but everyone needs space to dream, and time for friends. The little heroine of the film was living on a strict plan for all her life. Everything changes when she and her mother move to a small town. The girl gets acquainted with amazing people there. Her new friends are a good-natured old aviator and a boy who wants to open a fairy-tale world to her.
Heroes go to the stars, where the Little Prince lives, and they are waited by discovery and adventure.

Age limit: 6+


SONY SCI-FI («Basic» TV package)


«Arrow» (season 3)
Date: since June 14
Time: weekdays at 10:25 PM

The third season of the series tells about the confrontation between the Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul. Viewers learn about the life of Oliver Quinn in Hong Kong from flashbacks. The fight against the League of Assassins is replaced by a narrative about the preparation of the protagonist for the mission for A.R.G.U.S.
Can Oliver with his renewed team defend the city once again?

Age limit: 16+

«The Originals» (season 2-3)
Date: since June 12
Time: weekdays at 10:35 AM

The spin-offs of the acclaimed «Vampire Diaries» narrate about the world’s first vampires family — the Originals. Klaus is the only original hybrid, the son of a werewolf and vampire, returnes to New Orleans after years of wandering. Previously, this city was home to Klaus, his sister Rebecca and brother Elijah. Now there is a feud between werewolves, vampires and witches.
To restore order in the city and become its leaders, they must start with family affairs.

Age limit: 16+



Date: June 30
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: fantasy, thriller, action
Year: 2015

Scientists have found a way to defeat death using genetic engineering. Human consciousness is placed in a young body. Such an operation costs a lot of money and it is conducted secretly, so a very small circle of people can afford this rejuvenation.
Dying protagonist decides to live one more life. Everything goes fine, but then the details of his body origin are revealed and episodes from the previous life break through the hero’s mind.

Age limit: 16+


SONY TURBO («Movie-Hit» digital TV package )

«Kitchen» (1-5 season)
Date: since June 5
Time: weekdays at 7:40 AM

Max Lavrov dreams about impetuous cook career in the most expensive Moscow restaurant. The fate brings him to the restaurant art director Victoria before the interview, and this acquaintance is not useful at all. Chef of the restaurant Viktor Barinov — an alcoholic with a passion for gambling and unbearable character. In addition Max is waited by a team of cooks who will not miss the chance to make fun of the newcomer.

Age limit: 16+



«Under the dome» (1-3 season) — premiere!
Date: June 20
Time: weekdays at 2:00 PM

Tense thriller based on the Stephen King novels tells about the life of the city Chester`s Mills, which suddenly cuts off from the outside world by a huge dome.
The obstacle can not be explained by scientists, but it’s real. Cars, planes and even birds are crashing into it. Citizens have to find the key to salvation by their own. People begin to change under the dome, and the plot becomes more and more tense.

Age limit: 16+



«Dreams Come True»
Date: June 13
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: drama, biography
Year: 2013

Paul sells mobile phones in the suburb of Bristol. He’s a typical loser. The most pleasant thing that he has in his life is a dream to become an opera singer.
However, persistent health problems prevent the Paul from singing, then car accident ruines his life. His last chance is a performance on the show «Britain’s Got Talent».

Age limit: 16+

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team