TV channels announcements for MAY

Sony Pictures Television has prepared scenario of exciting May evenings for viewers. Second season of «Bachelor» will be shown on the Sony Channel. Those who want to know more about what is happening in the program backstage, can find out all the details from the show «Unreal bachelor». One of the most scandalous TV series «Preacher» is continued on Sony SCI-FI. The Sony Turbo channel will show both oh the «Bad Guys» and will begin showing the sixth season of «S.C.I. Crime Scene Investigation».

Fans of melodramas, intense thrillers, detective series and ridiculous comedies definitely won`t be bored in May.


SONY CHANNEL («Movie Hit» digital TV package)



«Bachelorette» (1 season) — territorial premiere!
Date: since May 16
Time: Mon-Thurs at 7:00 PM

Who said that the word «bachelor» only suits a man? In May the girl chooses the groom from the list of candidates. Will she find her soul mate?

At the first stage of the show, the main character comes to a group meeting, after which personal meetings involve conflicts and trials begin. The final choice won`t be easy …

Age limit: 16+


Date: May 4
Time: 10:10 PM
Genre: drama, romance
Year: 2014

The proposal from a guy with whom Megan has been together for many years, takes her by surprise. She is not ready for adulthood at all. Megan pauses and leaves the city, spending time in the company of unfamiliar young people. Perhaps to be an adult, you need to find the right person next?

Age limit: 16+


«Faubourg 36″
Date: May 18
Time: 8:00 PM
Genre: romantic drama, music
Year: 2008

The film takes place in Paris in 1936. Unemployed artists try to regain a concert hall unsuccessfully. However, the audience no longer laughs at their boring jokes. It’s a chance for a charming singer to perform with her favorite song «Paris! Paris!» on stage of the concert hall.

Age limit: 16+


SONY SCI-FY («Basic» TV package)



«Hannibal» (season 3)
Date: since May 10
Time: weekdays at 11:00 PM

The series tells the story of one of the most scandalous and mysterious characters of modern literature — Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the novels of Thomas Harris. An intense thriller tells about sophisticated relationship between Hannibal and FBI agent Will Graham. Fans of the genre from around the world appreciated the series. Hannibal show is broadcast for tens of millions viewers on 80 channels in 18 languages.

Age limit: 18+


«My Ghost Story» (seasons 1-3)
Date: since May 9
Time: weekdays at 5:00 PM

In this show real people will talk about their meeting with the supernatural. The stories of mystical contacts give the chills and make viewers think that ghosts exist in reality. Also, the documentary series will tell about the mysteries of the most weird places on Earth.

Scary stories will be proved by video recordings of hidden cameras and home archives, so get ready to believe in things that previously seemed unreal.

Age limit: 16+


«Big Fish» – premiere!
Date: May 26
Time: 9:55 PM.
Genre: fantasy comedy-drama
Year: 2003

Edward Bloom has always been a comprehensive development man with a strong will to live. Despite his countless tales of the fantastic adventures of youth, he remains a huge mystery for his son William. Realizing that his time is running out, Edward decides to open his son all the secrets. Now Will can gather a true picture of his father’s life, immersed in the world of his amazing wanderings.

Age limit: 16+


SONY TURBO («Movie Hit» digital TV package)



«Elementary» (6 season)
Date: since May 1
Time: on Tue at 9:00 PM

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson continue to solve riddles and investigate crimes in New York.

In the series, Sherlock appears to the viewer not like venerable gentleman or genius-sociopath how it used to be. He is closer to ordinary people, but this does not prevent him from coping with complex riddles brilliantly. In this tasks he is always helped by the compelling doctor Watson.

Age limit: 16+


«Night watch»
Date: May 17
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: urban fantasy supernatural thriller
Year: 2004

A desperate attempt to return Anton Gorodetsky’s wife leads him to cardinal changes in life. During the visit to the sorceress he almost commits a dark deal, which is interrupted in time by the agent of the Night Watch. It turns out that Gorodetsky is «different» and the Watch needs him to maintain the good and evil balance in the worlds.

Age limit: 16+


«Angels & Demons»
Date: May 16
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: thriller
Year: 2009

Someone hunts cardinals in the Vatican, leaving mysterious signs on the victims. At this time, the antimatter is stolen from the government’s secret laboratory.

The Vatican asks for help from a symbolism specialist Robert Langdon. When he understands the matter, it becomes clear that he has to prevent a world catastrophe. In this he will be helped by a talented woman scientist Vittoria Vetra. Will they succeed in saving the world?

Age limit: 16+

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team