Travel Channel announcements for May

Fascinating programs about traveling and construction in the most faraway places were prepared by the Travel Channel. Hard weather conditions, exotic landscapes, unconventional formats… All of this and much more awaits viewers in May on the channel Travel Channel.


Texas. Flip&Move (4 season) — premiere!
Date: since May 4
Time: on Fridays at 10:00 PM
Inventive Texan entrepreneurs turn old houses and vehicle into prestigious properties for sale. If they cope with the task well, they can make a huge profit. Renly will beautify the house on the coast, sisters Snow will remodel the passenger train. The successful acquisition of Casey and Katrina is a junk,Donna and Tony are going to get rid of the unwanted animals on their ranch. Watch the adventures of texans in May.

Age limit 12+


Building off the grid (4 season) — premiere!
Date: since May 4
Time: on Fridays at 11:00 PM
Every Friday in May, special broadcasts invite viewers to go to American wilderness. Jared Kapp will prepare four containers for transportation to a stunning hut in the mountains on «Spearfish Canyon» series on May 4. Sage Stoneman will offer unusual material for construction on «Mushroom House» series on May 11.
Viewers can visit the eco-friendly floating island from bottles near Mexico on May 18. Watch the «Extreme Construction», this show will find something to surprise you with!

Age limit 12+


Cool trucks — premiere!
Date: since May 19
Time: on Saturdays at 9:00 PM

The show introduces viewers to challenging and exciting traveling by truck. Laura Gyosho travels through the magnificent places of Iceland in May: from the Fiallabak National Park to the mountain shelter in Landmannalaugar. After the northern beauty viewers can see Zay Harding’s trips through Guatemala in North America. Travel Channel offers you to watch this exciting journeys.

Age limit 12+


Building Alaska (4 season) — premiere!
Date: since May 30
Time: on Thursdays at 11:00 PM
Imagine construction on one of the most severe territories of the planet.

In the icy Alaska wilderness, without access to building materials and roads, potential builders should be smart and non-standard thinker to do their job. Rocky areas, lack of materials and hard work with foundation await builders in new season. They challenge the elements for construction of houses in Alaska. It has never been so extreme.

Age limit 12+

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