TV channels announcements for April

Spring is really not warm and sunny enough this year. So for the chill April evenings, Sony Pictures Television presents bright serials premieres, unusual shows and cult films.

Fans of real romantic stories will appreciate the new seasons of «The Bachelor» and «Four Weddings» on the SONY CHANNEL. «Lost» is still popular on the SONY SCI-FY channel. And the SONY TURBO channel will please fans of intense thrillers and dramas with films «Lockout» and «Jerry Maguire» in April.


SONY CHANNEL («Movie Hit» digital TV package)


«Carter» (1 season) — world premiere!
Date: since April 16
Time: on weekdays at 9:30 PM

After a dizzying career in Hollywood, which ended in a public scandal on the Red carpet, Harley Carter decided to return home, in a small Canadian town.
The local government wants to attract tourists using his popularity, the townspeople see him as a famous detective, whose role he played in a television show. It seems that Carter can`t hope for a quiet life in his homeland…

Age limit 16+


нереальный холостяк

«Unreal bachelor» (season 3) — territorial premiere
Date: since April 6
Time: Fridays at 7:00 PM

Everyone knows what happens in «The Bachelor» show, but off-stage events, at times, are even more interesting. The film crew is in the center of the plot. Actions outside the show are becoming more complicated, tense and intriguing than it seems to viewers on the other screen side.

Age limit 16+


Date: April 8
Time 9:50 PM
Genre: drama, romance, comedy
Year: 2008

Brian does not match his nickname «Gigantic». He is an ordinary seller without any stability and prospects. But he has a big dream.
One day he meets the girl. Her name is Harriet. Now he has to choose between the old cherished dream and a new perspective, which suddenly appeared in his life.

Age limit 16+


SONY SCI-FY («Basic» TV package)


Date: since April 26
Time: weekdays at 11:00 PM

Jesse Custer re-qualified from a robber and killer to a preacher in a small Texas town. When he has time between drinking and his direct duties (he is not really good at it), Jesse thinks about the atonement of sins. This is what happens until the body of Custer is infested with a powerful creature, whose orders can`t be disobeyed by anybody. Darkness or Light? What side will the Preacher take?

Age limit 16+


«Star Trek: The Next Generation» — a holiday show of Season 7
Date: from 12 to 15 April
Time: 7:00-11:00 PM

80 years have passed since the original «Star Trek». Technologies were improved, the Enterprise spaceship and its crew were changed. Enterprises continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Age limit: 16+


Date: April 28
Time: 5:00-11:00 PM.
Genre: drama, biographical
Year: 2011

The name of Shakespeare is known all over the world. He is one of the greatest talents in the mankind history and the most famous playwright. But what if William Shakespeare did not write a single word in his life? What is hidden behind this name — a unique genius or the greatest deception?

Age limit: 16+


SONY TURBO («Movie Hit» digital TV package)


«Vikings» (1-4 season)
Date: since April 10
Time: weekdays at 00:55 AM

A fascinating historical series based on Scandinavian myths tells the story about Viking Ragnar Lodbrock, his family and the inhabitants of Kattegan. Famous descendant of Odin united the disunited tribes and became king. Ragnar and his warriors make raids, conquer territories and keep medieval Europe in awe. Then Gods turn away from him and he has to leave the family and his native Kattegat.
Years have passed. Nobody knows what happened to Ragnar, but he is remembered as a great warrior. Some prophets know that he will return and bring the retribution.

Age limit: 18+


парни с юкона
«Guys from the Yukon» (1-3 season)
Date: since April 2
Time: weekdays at 5:00 PM

The series tell the story about life of a small village on the Yukon River banks, located near the Arctic Circle on the edge of civilization. In this snowy place in harsh conditions, people challenge nature and elements every day. There is no harvest. Delivering food is a test because of the standing cold. So people have to hunt wild animals to get some food. What other challenges do people face in the heart of the tundra?

Age limit: 16+


Date: April 7
Time: 9:00 PM
Genre: superhero movie, comedy
Year: 2008

Magnificent Will Smith plays an unusual superhero. Hancock is strong and he really wants to help people, but the sense of tact is not about him. In the process of saving a person, he can easily destroy half of the city. Fate brings him with Ray — a PR specialist, who will take care of his reputation.

Age limit: 16+

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team