Announcements of the Travel Channel for June

A new season of exciting travel and adventure begins on the Travel Channel in June.


«Unusual Food. Gastronomic Travels”
Two series from June 5 on weekdays at 6 pm.

Andrew Zimmern comes back and continues to try strange and tasty food around the world. This time he travels to the USA, where he enjoys a barbecue in Birmingham, a salad in San Diego, lobsters in the Acadian and vareniki in Pittsburgh, and then goes in search of delicacies from different countries. In Hungary, he satisfies hunger with the popular dishes of Budapest: from classic cabbage rolls to Transylvanian twisted rolls. Andrew moves to Australia and tries tender kangaroo meat in Sydney, after which he visits Bali, where he manages to eat a fried duck. Watch for a delicious journey!


“The Adventures of the Jacksons”
The premiere is from June 15 to Thursday at 10 pm.

Meet the Jacksons — the first family among kayakers. Idjey Jackson, his son Dane and daughter Emily and her husband Nick are world champions in this sport. Together with his wife Igea Christine, their youngest son Casey and baby Emily and Nick Tucker, they conquer the roads and waterfalls. The family travels around the world from Austria to Zambia in search of new adventures and extreme competitions in places on the planet that most people will not even be able to visit. The whole family rocks over the abyss, descends the river rapids and flies on paragliders over the Alps. Go on a family trip together with the heroes of this program!


“Adventures on Wheels”
The premiere is from 5 June on weekdays at 9 pm.

Have you ever wanted to give up everything and go on a trip? The heroes of the program do just that and go on the road in new vans and trailers on special order. In the second season, Glenn and Ulrika are looking for a van that is quite spacious for five motorcycles. They have picked out three unique models, but are they on the right track? Walter and Jessica need a house on wheels with a room for their two dogs. Will they be able to find an option for themselves? Watch how adventurers escape from routine and go on the road.


«Incredible Houses in the Trees»
Premiere from 18 June on Sundays at 15:00.

Prepare to escape and relax from everyday bustle at a height of more than 4 meters above the ground! James Roth, Chris Haack and their team are building houses of striking designs in trees. In the second season, the guys go to Worcester, Massachusetts to build a tree house for a nonprofit organization that helps families struggling with cancer to relax and socialize with each other. The team then travels to West Memphis, Arkansas, to construct a magnificent tree house with a scenic view of the mighty Mississippi River. See how the leading programs build the art of building houses in trees to new heights!


«Second Life of Vans»
Continuation from June 2 to Fridays at 23:00.

The audience is waiting for even more stories about the transformation of houses on wheels and profitable deals. Justin and Anna Scribner go and search dumps for vans and old trailers, and then turn them into luxuries in their workshop in Oregon. This time Justin and Anna are repairing a huge van for the annual rally of trailers in Roslin, Washington. Will he be satisfied with the royal reception? In addition, the couple is going to deal with a van, but the time is running out, and they cannot find all the necessary details. Perhaps it will end badly? Watch for the adventures of the heroes of the program!