Announcements of Discovery Networks Channels in February


«Island with Bear Grylls»
Watch from February 15, at 10:00 pm on the Discovery Channel.

 Survival expert Bear Grylls returns for the new season! This time he leaves 16 Britons on a desert island with a minimum of clothing and equipment. At the same time the team members, who are at the opposite ends of the island, must find each other to double their chances of survival. Will an Iraq war veteran Hanna pass the tests that have been prepared for her at the island? Will the project help change the life of Rizvan? The island at the first glance seems to be a paradise, but dangerous animals live in its dense jungle. Will our members provide themselves with food, water and shelter, and stay on the island for a month?


«We Have Been Married by Parents»
Watch from February 5, at 9:00 pm on the TLC channel.

The program about the modern approach to ancient tradition tells of marriages that with voluntary permits from children are engaged by their parents. Can such a course work in the realities of the modern world? Men and women who are unlucky in love, agree to give their personal life and future into the hands of those who know them better — their parents. A former NFL player Davin, daredevil and brave man, is unable to cope with the search for the better half. Marissa’s family have never liked her boyfriends. Will the parents arrange private life of children and organize a wedding in the course of this unprecedented social experiment? Will the couple have time to get to know and fall in love with each other on the way to the altar?


«International Day of a Polar Bear»
Watch from February 27, at 10:00 am on Animal Planet.

In honor of the International Day of a polar bear watch a selection of programs dedicated to the majestic predator of the North. The polar bear, known for its impressive size and the thick fur, is the supreme predator in its habitat. In «The harsh Arctic» these predators survive in the difficult conditions of the polar winter night. The program, «How to Grow a Polar Bear» shows us highly dedicated staff of the Toronto Zoo raising an orphaned bear cub named Inukshuk. In the series «Uncharted Europe» polar bears of Svalbard hunt seals. A show of «Predators Close-up with Joel Lambert” you will learn how, in the course of evolution, polar bears could adapt to living in cold northern edge. But will they be able to survive in the Arctic under global warming?


«US Food Factory»
Watch from February 23, at 7: 30 pm on the DTX channel.

Each branded bag of chips, a can of beer or chocolate bar are made by the most modern industrial complexes and huge product lines that bring this product to the masses. During the program we will see how the favorite foods of America are made. In each tasty issue you will get a triple serving of your favorite treats. From McDonald’s breakfast to delicious fresh oysters, from artisanal enterprises to series production deployed on an incredible scale. See how raw materials are transformed into loved by millions products. And in the process you will get to know the stunning machines and hard-working people who make it all possible.


«I Love My Car»
Watch from February 14, 9:00 pm on the DTX channel.

As you know, February is the month of love, and we decided to dedicate it to cars. Starting from Valentine’s Day you are awaited for by a selection of shows on automobile topics, which will include programs that have already gained popularity, and exclusive premieres. So, we are starting to broadcast the world’s most popular online shows from the category of «do it yourself» — «Mighty Car Mods.» Marty and Moog, mechanics-fans from Australia, won extraordinary popularity around the world, thanks to a unique project of car modification. In the program «Racing on Ice» you will see how ordinary drivers compete against each other in the harsh conditions of the North on the icy road and overcome incredibly difficult obstacles. And you will find the new season of «Unique Wheelbarrows with Will Castro,» which means that new masterpieces on four wheels will be created for celebrities, professional athletes and corporate customers, combining style, craftsmanship and stunning looks.