The New Children’s Channel «In a Fairy Tale»


Dear subscribers!

In «MAXNET» broadcasting network a new children’s channel «Visiting a Fairy Tale» have been added. The channel is in beta and is now available for viewing for IPTV subscribers (the «Basic» package).

» Visiting a Fairy Tale» is a movie channel for children aged four to twelve years old, who will introduce the child to the world of classic fairy tales, in a beautiful form tell about the struggle between the good and the evil, about morality and eternal values, as well as adventures and magic, extraordinary events and transformations.

The program includes classic TV movies, fairy tales, films based on fairy tales of the peoples of the world, fabulous cartoons, the film adaptations of the famous works of Andersen, Perrault, the Grimm Brothers, as well as modern animalistic tales and fantasy.

Please leave your feedback on the new channel — it is very important for us to know your opinion.
Enjoy watching!

Sincerely, LLC «MAXNET»