Announcements of the SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION Channel in January

Each film, TV series or show on SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION in January, contains not less than 10% of romance! Especially for those who in addition to the love line are eager to see political intrigues and appreciate the bright, complex characters — territorial premier of the series «Among Cannibals» with inimitable Natalia Oreiro in the title role! Create a romantic dinner and an amazing image for a date with «My Kitchen Rules» and «Project Runway» (for the first time on TV — 11 season of the show). In addition, there are classic cult TV series and movies in the program.


«Slumdog Millionaire»
Date: January 14
Time: 9:00 pm

The story of Jamal Malik, an orphan from India, who for 18 years lived below the poverty line, and then decided to take part in the show «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?». There are 20 million rupees at stake, and only one step remains to victory …
Suspecting fraud (because who would have thought that such a man would be able to answer almost all the questions), the police make an arrest. During the interrogation, Jamal tells the amazing story of his life, in which there was so little room for joy, but each of its lesson not only made him stronger, but also suggested the right answers in the quiz.

Age limit: 16+


«»The Secret in Their Eyes»
Date: January 15
Time: 9:00 pm

The story is held in the form of memoirs of the court employee Benjamín Esposito, who decided to write a book about the long-ago tragic event. Twenty-five years ago, in 1974, he began to investigate the case of a young woman brutally raped and murdered at her home in one of the districts of Buenos Aires. Esposito has promised to find criminals of the shocking tragedy to the widower Ricardo Morales. Failing to initiate the investigation, Esposito is surprised to learn that someone within the judicial system starts quickly and without any proof to accuse the two immigrant workers in this murder to get rid of things …

Age limit: 16+


«3 hearts»
Date: January 21
Time: 9:00 pm

Arriving late on the return train to Paris at night in a provincial town, Mark meets Sylvie. They roam the streets until morning, talking about everything except themselves. A rare harmony. Mark takes the first train and negotiates with Sylvie for a meeting in Paris in a few days. They do not know anything about each other, but it’s not just a game. Sylvie comes to the meeting, but Mark doesn’t. He seeks her and finds another woman, Sophie, not knowing that she is Sylvie’s sister …

Age limit: 16+


Date: January 22
Time: 9:00 pm

Alicia Rikozi, designer of a French house of high fashion, is in anticipation of the next collection display. But after the bitter break-up, she loses inspiration. To save the show, the director Helene Birk must quickly find a solution of how to support Alicia for a creative impulse …

Age limit: 16+


«Among the Cannibals» — Season 1 (territorial premiere)
Date: January 16,
Time: on weekdays at 5:00 pm

In her youth, Ariane (Natalia Oreiro) moved to the neighborhood of Buenos Aires — where all the power over the city belonged to a rich family. Together with a friend she became a victim of rape, and the offenders — the sons of the local elite — remained unpunished. 20 years later, Ariana discovers that one of the criminals, Rafael Valmor (Joaquin Furrel), is a candidate for the president. To take revenge, she is ready to join the election in a dangerous game and destroy the life, ambitions and hopes of the hated politician. However, the young woman has something to lose, and her own skeletons in the closet do not let her act immediately …

Age limit: 16+


«Project Runway» (11 season)
Date: 11 January
Time: on weekdays at 6:40 pm

Sixteen young designers get the chance to win a prize, to create their own collection of clothes, learn from the experience of legislators in the fashion industry and become famous throughout the world of fashion. To do this, they will have to prove that they can apply their talents and create a masterpiece on a given topic even in a strictly limited time and resources. Main referees of the show are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, among those invited are Kelly Osbourne, Alison Williams, Kaley Cuoco, Michael Kors, Emmy Rossum and others.

Age limit: 16+


«My Kitchen Rules» (Season 7)
Date: January
Time: on weekdays at 7:15 pm

Acute Australian culinary reality show. Under the guidance of the brilliant leading Pete Evans and Manu Fidel the participants compete with each other, carrying out sophisticated tasks. during some time they need to prepare one or more meals of the declared major theme. Later, all the dishes are evaluated by judges, after which one of the teams is eliminated. the struggle becomes more and more fierce with each new task, because a prize of $250,000 is at stake.

Age limit: 16+


«Sex and the City» (1-6 season)
Date: January
Time: on weekdays at 9:00 pm

Legendary television series have won the love of millions of viewers around the world, receiving critical acclaims and a solid set of awards, including 7 «Emmy» awards, 8 «Golden Globe» awards and 11 «Screen Actors Guild» awards. After the «Sex and the City», two feature films and a youth series prequel were filmed. Elegant humor, stylish images, «juicy» topics — these are the main trump cards as the award-winning comedy melodrama that can enchant both female and male audience of viewers.

Age limit: 16+


«Cruel Angel»
Date: January
Time: on weekdays at 12:30 pm

It is true that the female revenge is the most cruel and clever thing that can destroy everything, if required. Santa Martinez knows this firsthand, because she had lost the dearest person — her husband and is accused of killing the Cano family. Now, anyone who has ever had anything to do with the death of her beloved, must pay a triple price. But suddenly the awakened feelings for one of the members of the hated family begin to torment Santa’s heart. This new object of the romantic feelings of the heroine suffers from a serious mental disorder that makes any wrong step taken potentially fatal for everyone …

Age limit: 16+


«Cashmere Mafia» (Season 1)
Date: January
Time: on weekdays at 8:15 pm

«Cashmere Mafia» is a heartfelt and humorous look at the life and relationships of four ambitious friends from the creator of the legendary TV series «Sex and the City» Darren Stara. Strong, real friendship of young women help them to overcome career obstacles and troubles in the family and personal life …

Age limit: 16+


«Bad Teacher» (Season 1)
Date: January
Time: on weekdays at 04:30 am

Meredith Davis is divorced, that left her with nothing because of the marriage contract, which she clearly did not read. Now Meredith is forced to move to a friend’s house, whose stepdaughter Lily has a desperate idea: for her to get a job as a teacher at the school, to marry one of the rich single fathers and return to the extravagant lifestyle. Using a fake CV and her feminine charm, Meredith gets a job at the school. Although she is a horrible teacher, she still teaches important life lessons to Lily and her friends.

Age limit: 16+


«Pan Am»
Date: January
Time: at 3:30 pm on weekends

Action drama series take us to 1963, into the era of high speed gaining momentum against the backdrop of the inimitable style. New luxury airliner are sent flying. Passengers and crew are members of romances, intrigues and even international espionage. The senior flight attendant, Maggie (Christina Ricci), oversees the work of an inexperienced assistant, Laura (Margot Robbie), and chief pilot, Ted (Michael Mosley), tirelessly captivates passengers … Embark on an unforgettable journey with Pan American Airlines team!

Age limit: 16+