SONY SCI-FI TV Announcements in December

The New Year time is the best time for even more fantastic novelties and favorite characters! The holiday season cannot happen without fantastic adventures and wonders! Immerse into them in the comfort of home, with displays on the December SONY SCI-FI. Among the regional premiers are the new space series «Dark Matter» and the second season of the detective «Black Forest». «People,» «Under the Dome» and other representatives of the genre will please viewers throughout December and the New Year’s Eve gift will be a marathon of «Flash». The January holidays will also be remembered for movies, among them — the complete collection of the «The Hunger Games» which have already become a cult!


«Dark Matter» — the territorial premier of 1-2 seasons
Date: on weekdays from 7 December
Time: on weekdays at 2:30 pm

Waking up with no memory, each member of the crew of a starship is aware that he has abilities. But where all the memories are gone? Who are they? What are their names? Why are they drifting on a spaceship? What does their past hide, and what dangers will they meet in the future? Answers to these questions are revealed to the audience step by step, more and more captivating connoisseurs of fiction thriller in a tangled maze of narrative, allowing a breeze to follow the stories of the characters, each of which is unique.
The creators of the series «Stargate», well known to fans of the genre, once again gave the screen a special atmosphere of space fiction, with all its main attributes in the form of robots, new unexplored planets, spaceships and weapons of the future.

Age limit: 16+


Date: December 24-25
Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

In a world where robots help people, life should be simple. For any work you can use «the miracle of technology». But then what will you do?
Cynthia is the so-called «superhuman» with artificial intelligence. They are like a person, even surpassing one: physical strength, endurance, beauty … The hosts cherish his new assistants, but do not take them seriously. Time passes, and the perfect appearance of robots begins to cause jealousy, endurance — envy, and the power — fear. The clash of two intelligence — human and artificial – is inevitable. In this game, first hidden and then — more and more apparent, both sides have something that is worth fighting for. But it turns out that the line between the two worlds is too thin, and some of the fighters cannot be sure even in their own relation.

Age limit: 16+


«Under the Dome» — the premiere on TV
Date: December 7
Time: on weekdays at 6:30 pm

Invisible power dome suddenly cuts the city Chester’s Mills from the outside world, and no one can explain the reasons for this strange phenomenon.
A fantastic thriller, filmed on the novel by the king of horrors — Stephen King, in each episode immerses the viewer into a tense atmosphere of intrigue and mystery, making empathize with the heroes, who are in a confined space. The embargo has an effect, changing the behavior of the characters in the most unexpected way. Some people are rallying around the idea of ​​salvation, others — sacrifice humanity for their own gain. And how far could each of us go, if we realized that we will not suffer punishment from the outside?

Age limit: 16+


Date: December 19,
Time: on weekdays at 19:15

Two brothers, forced by fate to carry out a dangerous mission, associated with the other world, are traveling through the wilds of Colorado, Nebraska and abandoned farm Lake in Wisconsin. On their way there are creatures that have been considered imaginary, folklore or fiction. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchesters once again romp across America and are fighting with every foul. In the eighth season, the main task of Dean and Sam is to know how to close the gates of hell forever. Kevin, the young prophet, for whom Hell began the real hunt can help them.

 Age limit: 16+


«Arrow» — Season 4
Date: December
Time: on weekdays at 8:30 pm

Young playboy Oliver Queen after a shipwreck lands on the island, called «Purgatory». After five long years of absence, Oliver returns as another person to his native city, but there is no more place for law. Now Oliver has a goal — to fulfill the last wish of his father, and to rid the streets of Starling City from lawlessness. Thus, a mysterious hunter for criminals — «Arrow» is born.

In the third season, after his victory over Slade, Arrow is seen as a hero of Starling City. Crime goes down, people feel safer, and even Captain Lance cancels hunting for the avenger. Elated with his success, Oliver begins to think that he is finally able to take some time for his personal life. But should he turn aside for a moment, as in Starling City, there is a new villain who makes Oliver realize that he could never truly be Oliver Queen — at least until the city needs the Arrow.

Age limit: 16+


«Hundred» — Season 3
Date: December 9
Time: on weekdays at 20:30

Events begin to unfold in the series ninety-seven years after the whole civilization was destroyed in a terrible nuclear war.
High up in the space, orbiting the earth, is a space ship, where there are those who have survived the terrible catastrophe. It is from this last refuge of people from Earth a space shuttle is sent, on the board of which there is a hundred of juvenile delinquents…

Age limit: 16+


«Star Trek: The Next Generation» (1-4 seasons)
Date: December
Time: on weekdays at 5:00 pm

80 years have passed since the time of the original «Star Trek». There is the relief crew, improved technologies, and changed Enterprise. Only the familiar and beloved to us name of the ship and the goal of its team have not changed — «Boldly go where no man has gone before!» The next generation is on the bridge…

Age limit: 16+


«Flash» — New Year’s marathon season 3
Date: December 31 and January 1
Time: 00:00

When Barry Allen was little, more than anything else he wanted to be a superhero — those who exceed the limits of the human body and use this power for the benefit. When Barry was eleven years old, he learned from experience that people with unusual abilities do exist: his mother was killed by one of such people. Growing up, Barry became a medical examiner, but he did not abandon his thoughts of superhuman. He continues to look for evidence of their existence, which is no good effect on his reputation and communicating with colleagues. And once his efforts are rewarded with …

Age limit: 16+

«The Hunger Games»
Date: December 31,
Time: 9:15 pm

An adventure movie about the future. Every year in the devastated country, which was once North America, the despotic regime is forcing each of the twelve districts to send two teenagers, a boy and a girl for a deadly tournament. The Hunger Games is an event broadcast on national television, in which 24 contestants must fight against each other until there is one survivor.

The lot falls for the young Katniss to perform at the contest, who can only rely on her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship of a former winner Haymitch Abernathy. To ever go home, Katniss will have to make difficult choices, where on one side is survival, and on the other — friendship and love.

Age limit: 12+