Watch Sony Turbo. May Announcements


«Fortitude» — Season 1
Territorial premier
Date: from May 24
Time: on weekdays at 10:45 pm

A British detective TV series, which focuses on the fictional beautiful quiet town of Fortitude, which is located in Arctic Norway. Its population is international and consists of 800 people and 4 police officers. Once there is a resonant crime — the Professor Charlie Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston) is killed. As he was a British citizen, an experienced detective Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci) comes to investigate the crime, that the local sheriff Dan Anderson (Richard Dormer) and Governor Hildur Odegard (Sophie Grobёl) do not like very much. The murder is the first in a series of other strange and inexplicable crimes. The series was filmed in Reydarfjordur, Iceland.

Age limit: 16+


«Criminal Australia» — Seasons 4-6
Date: May 11,
Time: on weekdays at 9:55 pm

A highly appraised by film critics Australian series based on real events. In the center of the plot are the ups and downs of the criminal world leaders of Melbourne and their real life. The incredible story of the struggle for power between rival gangs — and the attempts of the police to hold them accountable. Everything, even the most violent events and stories taking place in the series, happened in reality in the period of 1995-2004.

Age limit: 16+


«House of Cards» — Season 1-2
Date: from May 19
Time: on weekdays at 8:15 pm

A noteworthy political drama about the congressman Frank Underwood, aspiring to reach the top of his political career. In his world there is no place for weakness and moral principles — only rigidity and cold calculation. Therefore, after the collapse of his most ambitious plans, Frank is ready to re-build a «house of cards», but now — by his own rules.

Age limit: 16+


«Crossing the Line» — Seasons 1-3
Date: from May 10
Time: on weekdays at 4:40 pm

Due to globalization, many borders and barriers to trade, travel and culture, have been removed. All this is a positive thing. However, the possibility to use it by the criminal world has become a threat to our society. Europe, for example, is «the secret hiding place». Many criminals escape from the law into the countries safe for them or change their routes from one country to another when a hunt for them is open. A special team of specialists, who can investigate the crimes at a global level is needed for such situations.

Age limit: 16+