Announcements of SONY SCI-FI in May


«Arrow» — the season 3 premiere of new episodes
Date: May 31,
Time: on weekdays at 8:55 pm

A young playboy Oliver Queen after a shipwreck lands on the island, called «Purgatory». After five long years of absence, Oliver returns to his native city as another person, but there is no more space for the law. Now Oliver has a goal — to fulfill the last wish of his father, and to rid the streets of Starling City from lawlessness. Thus, a mysterious hunter for criminals — «Arrow» is born.

In the third season, after his victory over Slade, Arrow is seen as a hero of Starling City. Crime level goes down, people feel safer, and even Captain Lance cancels hunting for the avenger. Elated with the success, Oliver begins to think that he is finally able to have his personal life. But should he turn aside for a moment, as there is a new villain in Starling City, who makes Oliver realize that he could never truly be Oliver Queen — at least until the city needs Arrow.

Age limit: 16+


«Supernatural» — Season 9
Date: May 26,
Time: on weekdays at 9:40 pm

Two brothers, forced by fate to carry out a dangerous mission, associated with the other world, traveling through the wilds of Colorado, Nebraska farms and abandoned Wisconsin Lakes. On the way there are creatures that have been considered imaginary, folklore or fiction. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester once again romp across America and are fighting every foul. In the eighth season, the main task of Dean and Sam is to know how to close the gates of the Hell forever. Kevin, a young prophet, whom the Hell begins a hunt for, can help them in this.

Age limit: 16+


«The Originals» — season 2, new episodes
Date: on May 30
Time: on weekdays at 5:00 pm

The «The Vampire Diaries» spin-off tells the story of a family of the world’s first type of vampire race. After years of wandering, power-hungry and violent hybrid Klaus, devoted to his family and loyal to his principles Elijah and their charming sister, Rebecca return to New Orleans — a city that they once created together. Now here clans of vampires, werewolves and witches are feuding. To regain the title of city leaders, they need to restore the former order, but they have to start with their own family relationships. In the new season, our heroes have to overcome their inner demons. In the towns there is a dangerous situation where the werewolves have power. The perennial dark races — werewolves and vampires are expected to fight …

Age limit: 16+


«The Librarians» — Seasons 1 and 2
Date: May 31,
Time: on weekdays at 8:10 pm

American adventure television series, developed by John Rogers, based on «The Librarian» television franchise. «The Librarians» is a story of a group of librarians, who embark on a journey to rescue the mysterious ancient artifacts. The series tell the story of four people selected by Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) for a new team of librarians. They must solve impossible riddles, restore powerful artifacts and fight with supernatural threats, and especially with the forces of «The Snake Brotherhood» led by mysterious and immortal Dulac (Matt Frewer).

Age limit: 16+


«The Almighty Johnsons»
Territorial Premier season 2
Date: May 12,
Time: on weekdays at 19:20

New Zealand television series about the mortal incarnations of the Scandinavian gods in the modern world, and in particular the family of Johnson.
In its twenty-first day Axl birthday, the younger brother of the family Johnson, learns that he and his brothers are mortal incarnations of the Scandinavian gods, shamefully left Asgard and forced to live among mortals. They possess supernormal and the duty to protect the people. But it turns out they have not, because they still can not control their performance. The situation is exacerbated by the brothers by the fact that the other gods, found out about them, trying to prevent them gain power.

Age limit: 16+


«Vault» — Season 3
Date: 13 May
Time: on weekdays at 15:20

«Sanctuary» — a series about the adventures of Dr. Helen Magnus and her assistants: former forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman, technical genius Henry, her daughter Ashley and fraudsters Kate Freelander. Together they track down, study and protect the strange and terrible creatures that secretly invaded our world. However, Magnus, Will, Ashley and Henry, and later Kate, using a unique combination of instinct, medicine and cutting-edge technology to find the creatures that lurk in the corners of our planet.

Age limit: 16+