Why Do We Watch TV?

More and more people are using the Internet nowadays: to learn the news quickly, communicate, study, and of course, for fun. But the interest in television does not decrease up to this day. We empathize the heroes of films and TV series, «cheer» for our favorite athletes, have fun with favorite comedians — TV has firmly established itself in our lives. And this is confirmed by the ratings of television viewings among tens of thousands of «MAXNET» subscribers.

The leaders viewed are as always Ukrainian national TV channels — ICTV and STB – the channels delight their audiences with the premieres of new entertainment shows and analytical programs. Kharkiv regional TV channel «OTB» is not losing its position in the top ten. The interest of the residents to their city and the events does not ever decrease.


We also just want to remind you that in the broadcasting schedule of «MAXNET» we have such rating TV channels as Discovery, Animal Planet, Eurosport 1 and 2 Football 1 and 2, and others.

March, 2016
Name Group %
Новый канал Украинские 3.86%
СТБ Украинские 3.40%
1+1 Украинские 3.28%
ICTV Украинские 3.20%
ТРК Украина Украинские 3.02%
НЛО ТВ Украинские 2.81%
К2 Украинские 2.48%
К1 Украинские 2.44%
Тонис HD Украинские 1.96%
ODTRK Kharkov Харьковские 1.96%
Интер Украинские 1.82%
Плюс Плюс Украинские 1.54%
7-й канал Харьковские 1.51%
Epoque HD Познавательные 1.13%
Глас Украинские 1.12%
2+2 Украинские 1.12%
ТЕТ Украинские 1.03%
TV1000 Action Фильмы 1.00%
TV1000 East Фильмы 0.98%
Футбол 2 Спорт 0.95%
Eurosport 2 Спорт 0.95%
5 канал Украинские 0.93%
НТН Украинские 0.92%
Футбол 1 Спорт 0.90%
Мега Украинские 0.87%
Детский Детские 0.86%
112 Украина Политика и новости 0.79%
Первый национальный Украинские 0.79%
КРТ Украинские 0.79%
Кинохит Украинские 0.78%

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