A New Documentary Channel «Era» HD for all lovers of history


Telecom operator «MAXNET» has launched a new channel for all lovers of history, art and those who are interested in the life, achievements and feats of outstanding people. Together with authors and hosts, the audience will move to the past, to feel like a witness of history.

Channel Projects:

«This Day in History» — a program of the most significant events and the most memorable dates that took place on this day. Birthdays, events, inventions and discoveries that occurred on this day in human history.

«The invention of the day» — so many mysteries remain unsolved in history: the invention of gunpowder, creation of «Mona Lisa», the Giza Pyramids and more. All of them have no clear date, but undeniably influenced the course of history and still excite the minds of mankind.

For those who are interested in specific personalities, there is a series of programs «The great rulers.» The «Great rulers» depicts the royal dynasties that were creating the history of mankind.

Important! For the appearance of television in DVB-C, you must rescan the range.

The channel has been launched in a test mode for a limited period to determine the subscribers’ demand.
We are looking forward to your feedback on the new channel.

«MAXNET» — a fascinating world of history is awaiting for you!