MAXNET presents: series «Poldark» — a story of love and courage


The protagonist Ross Poldrak confronted many challenges during the war, but he managed to save his life. Returning home, he hopes to start a new peaceful life with his family and people close to him, forget the horror that his has experienced. However, Ross did not even imagine what is waiting for him in his native land. Arriving at the family estate, he discovers that his father is dead, and the house is taken by a group of unknown people, who not only host it, but in addition, organize various gatherings with booze and questionable ladies .. But the worst thing is that his bride is engaged to his cousin, because she was sure that her fiancé is dead. Will Ross be able to cope with all this and start a new life, which he had long dreamed of?

See the historical series since April, 19 on weekdays on Sony Entertainment Television channel.

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