Important Decision of the National Council

Dear subscribers!


Please note that by the decision of the National Council from 02.11.2016, № 140 there are amendments in the list of programs, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television.

Therefore, the following programs have been excluded from the list (15): «Top Secret», «Who’s Who», «Chanson TV», «Amusement Park,» «World of Series», «Auto Plus», «Kitchen TV», «KHL» «Science 2.0″, «My planet», «Telecafe», «Fighter», «Time: Distant and Close», «This Terrible TV», «Sarafan».

The decision shall enter into force one month after its publication — 03.11.2016.


«MAXNET», together with distributors of TV channels, is already preparing a replacement with the top-rated foreign TV channels — promised by Discovery, the newest Sony TV channels, and others.

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