Announcements of SONY SCI-FI TV in February


«Believe» — ​​Season 1
Date: February, 23
Time: on weekdays at 3:05 pm

The dramatic story of a little defenseless girl, whose parents died in a car crash. But is she defenseless? As it turns out, she has a special gift, which she does not know about yet and cannot control. And, of course, there are those, willing to get her a gift as a deadly weapon, but she is not alone, she also has defenders — some organization that calls itself «Lawful.» They protect the girl, and for her security, they put to her an escaped from a prison inmate who has to protect her.

Age limit: 16+


«Fringe» — Season 4
Date: February, 22
Time: on weekdays at 6:10 pm

Olivia Dunham, an FBI special agent, is investigating mysterious cases that lie beyond conventional logic and scientific reasoning. Her team joins her in investigations — a scientist Walter Bishop, who many years ago was in a psychiatric hospital, and his son. Together they will find reasons for unexplained, but extremely dangerous phenomena for humanity.

In the third season, the situation is complicated by the fact that Olivia gets into another dimension, which she cannot escape from, and her counterpart appears, who has her own views at the world and our own interests in the matters under investigation …

Age limit: 16+


«Dexter» — Seasons 4-5
Date: February
Time: on weekdays at 7:00 pm

Dexter Morgan is a police medical examiner in Miami and a serial killer who only kills those who deserve it: not caught criminals by law enforcement agencies. He does not leave evidence, does not feel emotions, sees the murder as an art. And he’s a gentle father and an eccentric personality. Hide and Seek — from his own family and colleagues — stirs the hero and gives a special style to the story.

Age limit: 16+


«Ancient» — Seasons 1-2
Date: February
Time: on weekdays at 3:10 pm

Spin-off of «The Vampire Diaries» tells the story of a family of the world’s first type of vampire race. After years of wandering, power-hungry and violent hybrid Klaus, devoted to the family and loyal to his principles Elijah and their charming sister, Rebecca return to New Orleans — a city that they once created together. Now here there are feuding clans of vampires, werewolves and witches. To regain the title of city leaders, they need to restore the former order, but will have to start from their own family relationships. In the new season, our heroes have to overcome their inner demons. In the towns there is a dangerous situation where the werewolves have power. The fight between the perennial dark races — werewolves and vampires is expected…

Age limit: 16+


«Hannibal» — Seasons 1-3
Date: February
Time: on weekdays at 10:20 pm

The mysterious and fearful series «Hannibal» return. Hannibal will appear before the audience in a new, not less expressive way, but with the same devastating addictions. Meanwhile life again brings Will (Hugh Dancy), Jack (Laurence Fishburne) and Alan (Caroline Davernas) together, which are combined, each driven by their own pain to catch Hannibal once and for all. This decision becomes for them a surprise test. The deadly hunt begins …

Age limit: 18+


«Angel» — Seasons 1-2
Date: from February, 18
Time: on weekdays at 13:40

The spin-off television series of «Buffy, the Vampire Slayer» is dedicated to the history of Angel, whose soul was cursed by gypsies and returned to earth as a punishment for murder. After centuries of brutal torture of innocents, resurrected Angel feels unbearable guilt and remorse that drives him to help hopeless. Restoring faith in himself and saving the lost souls, the hero constantly fights with his demonic character in search of mercy and humanity remains.

Age limit: 16+


Date: February
Time: on weekdays at 8:40 pm

On the remote Arctic base, a group of scientists is working with new strains of deadly viruses that are changing the infected beyond recognition and lead to death. One of the members of the expedition becomes a victim of a new disease, and the fate of 100 people is at stake. Locked in a trap of their own invention, the characters are forced to play an intellectual game with a virus, but the selfish nature of everyone leads to a hidden and rational struggle for survival.

Action of the second season takes place a year after the events in an isolated research center in Arctic. This time the team is investigating the outbreak of a deadly disease, which broke out on board of the cruise liner. In an effort to protect humanity from the terrible disaster, the heroes are themselves on the brink of life and death confrontation. However, the threat of destruction is just the tip of the iceberg. Research leads the team on an isolated from the outside world island of Saint-German, filled with village dwellers of a strange religious cult.

Will the research team, in spite of the intricate relationships and external circumstances cope with the dangerous virus? – is the main intrigue of the second season.

Age limit: 16+