The «New Year 2016 with MAXNET» Special Offer


Dear subscribers!

Meet the New Year 2016 with «MAXNET».
Already on December 20th in Vienna coffeehouse «Amadeus» (Kharkiv Palace), 40 subscribers of the company will become happy owners of their prizes *!

The main prize is a year use of the company’s services at a price of 0.01 UAH/month.

Becoming a participant is possible until 14th December.
More information about the terms of the promotion can be found in the regulations.

*By «winning» the purchase of goods or services for UAH 0.01 is implied.

Regulations of the campaign «New Year 2016 with MAXNET»
Period: 12/01/2015 to 12/14/2015
30.11.2015 / PDF

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