A New Level of Quality

LLC «MAXNET» — a new level of quality.

For each user of telecommunications services, the first and indisputable argument for choosing an Internet provider is the indicator of quality and reliability. The «Maxnet» company’s strategy is a course of loyalty and building long-term relationships with our subscribers, which is impossible without the presence of these parameters at a high level.

With this goal, on October 30th, we made modernization of core equipment, which is complete retooling. As a new core, the Cisco ASR-9006 router with control modules of the third generation has been installed.

Equipment manufacturer, as well as our partner, is the global leader in networking technology, the brand which is associated with top quality itself.

Router Cisco ASR 9006 has unsurpassed scalability, flexibility and high-availability of services in transport networks of Carrier Ethernet. The device is running Cisco IOS XR Software, the innovative self-healing, distributed operating system designed to provide continuous access. The new capacity of the core is 3.52 Tbit/s.

Overall, the event is a significant contribution to the quality of services, ensuring reliable operation of the network for existing and future customers of the company, as well as new opportunities for the introduction of new and improvement of current offers to our customers.

«The best advertising for any product is its quality.» — Thomas Robert Dewar


Regards and best wishes,