Loyalty program «Recommend Maxnet»


Loyalty program Recommend «Maxnet» is a convenient way to save on our services. To participate, you need to recommend “Maxnet” to your friends who are going to connect the Internet or TV.

  1. Go to the website: referral.maxnet.ua/ Enter your personal account number.
  2. Copy the generated link.
  3. Send it to a friend who wants to connect.
  4. A new subscriber can follow the link and send a request for connection.
  5. Our operator will contact the new subscriber to schedule the connection.
  6. After connecting, both of you will receive a month of services as a gift! The bonus will be the month following the month of activation.

More detailed terms and conditions can be found in the regulations:

Regulations. Loyalty program «Recommend Maxnet» 23.07.2020 / PDF


Your faithfully, Maxnet team