Travel Channel renewal

New design, new program filling, new grid of broadcasting

LONDON, March «25», 2013
Representatives of Travel Channel, one of the greatest international TV channel about travelling, which belongs to Scripps Networks Interactive Company, announced about perhaps the most radical renewal of the channel’s design all over the time it has been existed.

Teams of Travel Channel US and Travel Channel International carried out teamwork to create new logotype and image of the channel and created the common global brand which has all the opportunities to become the best entertainment brand about travelling.

The changes also concern the program filling and the grid of broadcasting of the channel, in particular, premieres of six new genres from the main library of Scripps content will appear, it always surprises and entertains the international audience.

One of the main stages on renewal is addition of four new hours of absolutely new content; they are divided into six new genres: experience of travelling, documentaries about travelling, style of life, cookery, luxurious travelling and passion to travel. In March and April 2013 spectators of Travel Channel will see next premieres: «The Middle Kingdom Ride» (April, 10 at 20:00 and 20:30), «Woman’s World» (May, 06 at 19:00), «Hotel impossible: after Anthony» (April, 22 at 20:00), «Jonathan Phang’s Caribbean Cookbook» (April, 23 at 21:00), «Travel like a President» (May, 15 at 19:00) and « World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides: Russia» (March, 27 at 20:00).