Service «Number 0800″

Maxnet offers to connect the phone number in the 0800-31-ХХ-ХХ format.

Number 0800 is a universal telephone number that includes a non-geographic code 800. Calls to 0800 are free for mobile and city telephone subscribers.

You can always stay in touch with your customers using «Number 0800″!


  1. It`s convenient and versatile. You get a single free number for all regional subdivisions.
  2. Large number selection and per-minute billing. We have 10 000 variants of numbers, including exclusive «silver» and «gold» numbers.
  3. It`s your empowerment. Using «Number 0800″, you can organize work of call-center, technical support or online-store. Having a free number simplifies the marketing research and promotions conduction.
  4. Flexible setting. The number can be tuned as multichannel to ensure constant availability. You can also set up the redirection and a convenient schedule.
  5. Confirmation of the status. «Number 0800″ is trusted by customers more than any mobile or regional numbers. It is associated with successful and client-oriented companies.
  6. Rapprochement with customers. With «Number 0800″, the number of incoming calls will increase significantly. So you can improve the service, expand the customer base and learn about the preferences of customers.
  7. We have unique package offers. We can offer individual conditions for subscribers who handle a lot of calls.


Participating in our discount program you can get a gold or silver phone number at a special price!

Find out more by phone 0 800 31 11 13

Individual choice from the categories
Number type Cost, UAH
Standard 0800 500 1
Silver 0800 3000 1500
Gold 0800 8000 4000
Platinum 0800 25000


Tariff plan Number of non-tariffable minutes Cost, UAH / month Cost of 1 min. incoming call, UAH
Light 400 200 0,47
Standard 1100 500 0,43
Maximum 5000 2000 0,40
Connection cost* 300 UAH 1 UAH
* This includes: number 0800 random combination from the standard numbers category, setting up and activation of the service.

To find out more and activate the «Number 0800″ service, fill out the questionnaire.

In addition to the service «Number 0800″ you can connect a virtual PBX, CTS, IVR-menu, recording and statistics of calls, and other Maxnet services.


List of documents required for connection